Looking to reach 200 Likes!

So this morning I took a look at my Facebook page and was excited to see that I was almost at 200 Likes!

The fact that I even have any likes makes me so happy. It is nice to see I am not just talking to myself and that someone maybe interested in what I have to say or offer!

I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.

This keeps me motivated to keep going forward and see where this tiny world/blog will take me.

Feels free to check out my Facebook page @Live,Laugh,Love your Life. Beauty Within!

Tell me what you like, what you don’t like, what you would like to see.


Celebrating the Blueberry

A weird statement?!?

I agree, but that is what we do up here.

For 10 days this small town has activities for all ages; and they have been doing it for 36 years🤯.

As a kid growing up here at first there wasn’t too many activities for us but as times have changed the last 15 years or so more has been geared toward the younger ages. Unfortunately there still isn’t a tonne for teens to do, but it also means said teens need to go outside and talk to people! Lol

Anyways, it is the best time for locals people that have left to come back and visit, see people we grew up and find out what has been happening in our lives.

Since I moved out of town about 15 years now there are very few faces that are familiar. Other than my own family and close family friends.

Time certainly doesn’t stand still but the fact that we can come back and have activities for my kids to do it a blessing!

I remember too well my trips to visit grandma and lord was it boring at times.

Yesterday the 5 of us got to go up in a Beaver! Noisy but very cool to see my little town from the air.

Two of my little s didn’t think so! My daughter stated “NEVER AGAIN!”

Other activities include riding in a fire trucks foot races, Bert’s Birthday games, Bocce, watching Uncle D play Baseball and much more!

Visit ms to grandma are a highlight as we don’t get to come very often!

How many people can say this day and age they get to go home and stay in their childhood home?!

6 Thing You Don’t Know Your Skin Is Doing At Night!

Here is my second live video! Man it is weird talking to yourself. But I survived; it didn’t traumatized me too much and I can see where I still need work. but hey that is pure 100% me! So if you don’t like it don’t watch it!

Happy 40th Babe

Wow! Where has the time gone? Today was a lower key day. When he went out for some errands the kiddos and I ran out and decorated the yard.

Why you ask??

Because I can!! And it is a tradition on my side of the family.

I know for some they hate their birthdays and would rather keep it quiet.

For the most part I do listen to his request; but I couldn’t let a milestone birthday pass us by.

Plus the kids just love all the hubbub and fuss.

He was showered with hugs, kisses and gifts.

I hope he enjoyed his day.😘.

You only turn 40 once🎂

Love working when and where I want

Today’s workspace view

Only I wear ear defenders when on our boat! Lord it is loud! Lol

Such a beautiful day! So I will only take a few minutes away from my family to do a little work!

Love that I can do it from anywhere I want and I make my own time lines!

Enjoy the little moments people!👍🏻🧒🏼👩🏼🧒🏼

Mr Sun Sun Mr Golden Sun☀️

Thankfully Mother Nature gave us a reprieve of the +45 degree Celsius heat wave.

Don’t get me wrong the sun is still shinning and we really shouldn’t complain since it was a long winter.

It’s just hard to plan anything outside without either sitting in water or getting dehydrated.

As a fair skinned red head that has had heat stroke I struggle to enjoy the outside and not damage my skin.

I really should buy stocks in the sunscreen racket! 🤣

But unfortunately this weekend while watching my kiddos swim in their grandparents pool and enjoying being outside without melting I forgot one area.

Worst part was that I was hiding in the shade and making sure the kids had sunscreen on that I forgot about myself.

Now over my short 30+ years I have tired many, many, many remedies to help take the heat/ pain out of the sun burns.

Last year I found a remedy and I am never turning back.


Will I stop using sunscreen?! Heck NO!

Will I continue to tell anyone that will listen about my remedy?! Heck YES!





Updated picture; sunburn all gone!!

Happy Anniversary

🎂Happy Anniversary to myself!!

One year ago I decided to take some action. One year ago I was tired of people asking me if I was sick or getting enough sleep. 😔

Sure I am a mom to three beautiful children that keep me busy, but I needed to remind myself I was more that “just a mom!”

So after doing ALOT of research I jumped! 🐇

And Boy am I glad I did. 🙀

Waking up every morning to see changes, getting self confidence back, feeling like a complete person again. ☺️

Taking a chance on me and believing in myself👍🏻

Being able to see a better future for not only myself but my family as well! 💋

Now I have no idea if new adventures, self confidence or feeling better is something that excites you as much as it does me, but if it does leave me a 👍🏻 or PM me!

I would love to hear from you, What’s your dream??? 🎶