My favourite space!

Growing up watching my mom in her garden I always thought that is a hell of a lot of work!

But because of this she taught me that hard work pays off.

Spring is always so exciting to see what has survived our long winters. What new plant I will try that summer to see if I have the “green” thumb my mother and grandmother have/had.

So everyday I take a few minutes to wander around my gardens, pull weeds and just plain enjoy this space I have created for my family and I.

I am also so lucky that I have the time during my day to enjoy the space. I don’t have to run off every morning to a job till 5 pm.

Perks of a home business! 😁

The biggest enjoyment is that my three children watch me working away and all help me plant the garden and get very excited when a flower is about to “pop” open as they say!

Enjoy the sunshine, do what makes you happy, take time for you! 😘

Author: kglandon

Born and raised in a small town in Northwestern Ontario, I moved to the big city to presu my career as an Early Childhood Educator. There I fell in love and moved in with my Military boyfriend. Two years later we were married. In 2009, I launch Glandon Inc. with the birth of our first son, the following years our company grew; now including a daughter and another son. In addition to my domestic engineering duties I am President of the Canadian Military Wives Choir Pet and have recently started a third career with a great skincare and health line. My goal is to provide a space to share thoughts and information about anything that peeks interest. So sit back and join me as I explore this new world of blogging!

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