Happy Anniversary

🎂Happy Anniversary to myself!!

One year ago I decided to take some action. One year ago I was tired of people asking me if I was sick or getting enough sleep. 😔

Sure I am a mom to three beautiful children that keep me busy, but I needed to remind myself I was more that “just a mom!”

So after doing ALOT of research I jumped! 🐇

And Boy am I glad I did. 🙀

Waking up every morning to see changes, getting self confidence back, feeling like a complete person again. ☺️

Taking a chance on me and believing in myself👍🏻

Being able to see a better future for not only myself but my family as well! 💋

Now I have no idea if new adventures, self confidence or feeling better is something that excites you as much as it does me, but if it does leave me a 👍🏻 or PM me!

I would love to hear from you, What’s your dream??? 🎶

Author: kglandon

Born and raised in a small town in Northwestern Ontario, I moved to the big city to presu my career as an Early Childhood Educator. There I fell in love and moved in with my Military boyfriend. Two years later we were married. In 2009, I launch Glandon Inc. with the birth of our first son, the following years our company grew; now including a daughter and another son. In addition to my domestic engineering duties I am President of the Canadian Military Wives Choir Pet and have recently started a third career with a great skincare and health line. My goal is to provide a space to share thoughts and information about anything that peeks interest. So sit back and join me as I explore this new world of blogging!

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