One week left

Well, what can I say??

There have been some ups and some downs. But am I giving up??

Heck no! I have been at this stage for a very very long time, and I am frustrated at times with how my body doesn’t work as I think it should. However, Deep down I want to be healthy and fit!

But there is always that little voice inside that says a cheat meal is ok; go ahead have that cookie or piece of bread! 🤯

As much as I try and silence it, sometimes it is just so loud. I have come to terms that this is being human.

But like I said I am not giving up. Last week I did finally bust through a plateau that has lasted more than 6 months.

I keep my daily log book of what I eat and try to hit the gym at least 3 times a week at the minimum.

Even with all these things the scale….the dreaded freaked scale doesn’t budge that often.

So about 3 months ago I put it away. I take it out once a week (as it does keep me accountable). Sincex then I have been going by how my clothing fit and next week I will do my measurements.

This 6 weeks was a new kick start into a different healthy plan and even though I may have had some bumps in the road and the scale may not say what I want it too: I still feel pretty darn good about myself.

I know I am stronger; I have less back pain which is huge for me. I can push myself a little harder at the gym knowing I won’t have weeks of pain afterwards.

Will I ever get to my desired body?? Who the hell knows but it is one moment, one step, one day at a time.

I may not be able to control everything but as long as I am healthy and my children see that I am trying to better myself that is a win in my books.

So keep on, keeping on and if you have had success with weight loss or keeping fit let me know your go to! I would love to have some feedback.

6 weeks healthy lifestyle challenge.

6 weeks isn’t a lot, I know. But the last few months I have been struggling.

A constant battle with the scale and I has not been pretty.

Numerous visits with the Dr. Multiple blood draws and in the end everyone still says the same,it’s your age, your genetics keep going and it will just melt off!


So yes like any human I get upset and sabotage myself.

So instead of repeating the same insanity I am asking for your help to keep me accountable and in the end I hope I can do the same for you.

If you are a Facebook fan just pop over and join Live, Laugh Loves 6 week Challenge!

I wanted to create a group so like minded people could come and get ideas, feedback and motivation to keep going so those goals become a reality. And I know I say 6 weeks but this is obviously a lifelong lifestyle change if you want success.

So I challenge you to join me and together we can bring 2019 in feeling healthy,strong and beautiful. 👍🏻😜💪🏻😘

Change can be scary.

Like I said change can be scary. It blows my mind that I am now entering a new phase of my life again.

This morning I brought my youngest to his first day of Kiddie Kollege!!!!

For the first time in almost 10 years I have been without my own child by my side.

I know mind blown🤯

So I took the time to be emotional, feel the feels and do continue to do what is good for me.

I missed him so much but in the same breath was so excited to hear about his morning.

Yes it was only 2 hours but in these two hours my plan is to workout and really dive deep into my small business.

Really looking for people that are like minded and looking to put themselves first for a change.

People interested in making a residual income, people interested in helping others from the inside out.

If this sounds like you or you yourself have done this transition. Let me know your tips and ideas. I would love hearing how Stay at home parents are welcoming the transition back into the workforce.

Healthy lifestyle starts again today

Well life happens! I enjoyed my summer a little too much! But the best part of that statement is that I ENJOYED IT!!

So with the start of a new school year both my husband and I are starting back at our healthier lifestyle and making better food choices!


For me that is starting my day off with my shakes! I have tried many shakes over the years and this one is hands down the BEST I have tasted.

Jam packed with essential vitamins, and filling enough to be a meal replacement or an after work out recover drink!

Plus adding the Cocoa Power Boost it is like I am having a chocolate milk shake treat every morning. (That’s just my personal fav, these shakes are easily switched up to any flavour you like)

WHO doesn’t LOVE that idea.

Small changes make a world of difference!

I am truly AMAZED at all these results that have been coming in over the last month, these are just a few of the ladies. I am still compiling ones of the guys.

I haven’t yet taken my after photos and I am not sure if I am courageous enough to post them, time will tell!!!

Some of these results are just from 6 weeks of being on program.

I myself have been able to drop those pesky 10lbs of “baby weight” that just seem to never leave.

Just a few changes in my diet and I am amazed. Yeah yeah, I use that word too much but it really is the best one to describe it.

More over when you chat with these people they talk about the increased energy they have, feeling better in their skin and that they are so happy they took the time and focused it on themselves for a change.

I am still continuing my journey in hopes to reach my ultimate goal by the fall. With just with this initial loss of the first 10, the energy and just being happier, I think it was worth all the money in the world. 😘😁😎

Updated with some men’s results;

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