Keto journey

So over the past three weeks I have switched my diet up.

I will say the first few days really sucked as my go to snack is crackers and cheese.

I decided that I would try a new weight loss program since everything else I have tried just doesn’t seem to be working. Enter a big change.

So 10 minutes before every meal I take my drops and then enjoy my meal. But like I said the first few days it wasn’t all that enjoyable. With that being said it has opened up my pallet for sure. I am trying many new things I thought I would never eat since I am a picky eater.

So I thought I would post a few of the meals I have enjoyed the last few weeks. In doing so I have been able to loose some weight, some inches and my drops have help subside my sugar cravings and have stopped all my after dinner snacking!!! That in itself is a big win for me.

Along with the diet change and drinking my elite once a day I am sleeping better, less bloating, no 3pm crash and my mood is pretty stable(not so swingy).

So here are just a few meals I have tried!

if you have done the Keto diet what are some of your favourites? Any tips?

Top to bottom;

Spiralled sweet potato with meat sauce

Pure Nourish Protein Shake pancake with almond butter

Almond flour crackers

Zucchini chip taco salad

Stay tuned more to come! Leave a message if you have any questions!

Have a wonderful day.

They grow so fast!


No that’s not what I am going to write about. However weeds do seem to grow over night!

But tonight as I lay in bed thinking about the last week, the last month, the last year I am amazed and proud we(hubby and I) survived another birthday party!

So yeah, I am one of those moms that can kinda go a little crazy when it come to their kids birthday, but I figure they are only little once and I still get some say it how the days events will go!

So prep usually begins about two weeks before the party. This is basically narrowing down the theme and hoping they don’t change their mind the day before!

So I show my youngest two pictures. One of “Chase” from Paw Patrol and one of “Lighting MaQueen” from Cars.

I typically show him and ask the same question about four times over a span of a week. After that there is no turning back this momma is on a mission.

So begins the cake design. T Bird is pretty vocal for a soon to be 3 yr old(at the time of this conversation). So I know he wants a Chase and Rubble cake. Now normally I go big when it come to the cake,but life decided to throw a monkey wrench into things and ten days before his birthday party I throw my back out.

Lovely right?!?

Thanks life, let’s make it just a little harder while I am on my own, starting a new business and still making sure my kids get to where they need to go,plus get myself to my extra curricular activities!!

Oh and we can’t forget plan a birthday party.

I am in pain. Not day one can’t stand up pain anymore but still not able to stand at a counter and roll fondant out. I am thanking the lord above my mom is coming down to visit in 5 days.

I warned her my house wasn’t clean and I was no where near having anything ready for the party! And just like my mom does she “Bibbity Bobbity Boos” the place!!! Helps me clean and prep food for the big day. Plus distracts my kids so I have to time to spend on making these two cakes.

So back to the cakes!

Since my back is just Starting to feel about 90%. I decide to only have one fondant carved cake and then one simple cake. The fondant cake still took me a full day to make and the simple cake took me about two hours to make; give or take.

All three of my kids love them and T gave me the cutest little two thumbs up so I knew I was done with that. Now onto the decorations.

This is where it gets tough because my husband had also just gotten back for the weekend from work and he wanted time with me but I was in a rush to get all this party stuff done.

Luckily he understood!

We are still waiting on a date night. Maybe 2025??? T will be 10 by then.

So party day arrives, the kids are excited and can’t wait, asking over and over again is it party time. Friends and family start arriving, party is hoping! Literally kids jumping with excitement. There is too much good food,lots of laughs, cake is cut,presents are opened. And this mama is tired!!!!!!

All I can say is thank you to everyone that came out to Mr. T’s birthday. I am so happy that I have met some very wonderful women and their families. I’m so happy that I have these relationships and so many strong woman that can support me when my husband is gone. Or even just be an ear when shit hits the fan or even when it doesn’t.

So you think I’d be done for the weekend?!?……..Think again, this girl has a Sunday afternoon of training to learn and develop more skills in the new business that I have taken on. And on top of that my husband was leaving again back to do it course.

Sometime I feel like a clown, juggling life!

I am just so thankful to have my mom able enough to come and visit at least three times a year, and the support of my husband to take on this new adventure and new business.

I am also thankfully my new business partners who are also very understanding of the Military lifestyle and the struggles we sometimes have.

Needless to say was Laying in bed thinking about my weekend,Thinking about how my baby is now three years old and all the things he’s going to learn in the next year. It amazes me everyday how fast they grow. How fast life can change from day to day! I love these little people in my life and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

That’s why I go over board on their birthdays and why I decided to take on a new career and feel like I am juggling 24/7.

I’m the end it will only help me help them!! I’m doing my best to find a way to give them everything that they need to be successful in their life. And if that means they see a tired but happy mommy staying tup to midnight to finish cakes or make a game or promote a skincare line. Then that’s what this woman is going to do!

I love seeing their eyes light up when they see the finished product. And at this point for me it’s like a giant puzzle to see if I can actually turn a one dimensional picture into 3-D creation!

So,after a big YAWN and a post that I think has just jumped around and probably doesn’t make any sense; this mama is again thankful for all those that came to Mr. T’s birthday.

Thankful to my mom,who is the superhero of all moms!And This mom is going to bed!

Night night and Happy 3rd Birthday T!! Momma loves you

Pain in the @ss

Every few months it seems I injure myself. No not just a sore knee or soreness because I walked into a chair;it is pure pain!

Trying to manage life with the minions and barely being able to stand up, let alone move has been interesting.

Everytime I throw out my back out I always think about people with chronic pain. “How do they deal with it on a daily bases?”

I get so frustrated with my body and not being able to do things on my own.

There might be some ginger stubbornness there! 😝

And Of course it always happens when I don’t have any help at home; but I made it through! My friends offering to make meals or pick up medication. I truly have a great group of friends that if I had to put out an SOS they would come a running.

My kids have been troopers. From my oldest helping pick things up of the floor or bringing laundry to the basement, all the way to my youngest saying he will get the lotion to help momma or give gentle hugs.

Day three and I am feeling much better: I can stand for longer than 5 seconds and am only getting shots of pain down the legs once in awhile.

Next step is to get a scan, hopefully the Dr can see why this keeps happening, and why it happens when I do an everyday movement!

I do love people’s faces when I tell them how I injured it……”I stood up!”

I appreciate everyone concern and I can only continue to do my physio to try and strengthen my back.

Anyone else out there deal with piriformis/ sciatic muscle strains?! What has worked for you?

I would love to be able to live my life without being afraid my back is going to go out. It is literally a pain in the ass!!


Just seeing the word makes my heart beat a little faster.

Throughout my life that four letter word has stopped me oh so many times from doing something. Then of course having the guilt and sadness that I missed out on something that could have been great.

I have struggled my entire life with being shy, not just wont talk to anyone shy. Shy to the point I wouldn’t go out, I kept close to family kinda shy.

It used to make my Dad so mad. He knew I was capable of doing something but that inner voice of mine just wouldn’t let me.

To think back and try to pinpoint what was stopping me is a unsolved mystery!

What I can say is with age the “fear/shyness” has reduced.

I still get the butterflies and clammy hands, but I know if I take the step I will get a chance to experience something new and possibly a great moment in my life.

Some of those moments are moving across the province for a job, going on my first date with my now husband, joins the Canadian Military Wives Choir(MWC) or trying out for a solo, singing with 100 other woman in front of the world at the Invictus Games 2017.

My latest two choices have felt bigger to me as I worry I will let people down. I thought and weighed the pros and cons, really considering if I could pull it off. Also doing lots of research before I even considered doing it.

One was to decide to step into the roll as President of the MWC a few months ago and secondly is starting my own business.

Truthfully, I did already run my own childcare business before I had my last baby. Yet, that didn’t seem as scared to me. Maybe because I was trained for it. I knew the ins and outs of a daycare. With the support of my husband and his encouragement I decided to give it a shot. The new business however scares the heck out of me. It is so far out of my comfort zone.

But I wanted something that I could do and continue to stay home with my children and something I truly believed in.

So for the last six months I have been using these wonderful life changing products. Created my own thoughts and opinions and finally joined a great group of people that will hopefully help me through this learn cliff!!! 😜

I have no idea if I will be any good at it and I don’t know if I have the right personality. But what I have learned in my short time on this earth; is I am tired of the Fear!!!

I want my children to see a confident woman doing what she loves so she can spent time with them and provide for them.

Sometimes FEAR pushes you into great things!

If you are interested in the hearing about great products that gave me my confidence back please feel free just comment below or check them out yourself.

Independent distributor,

Below are my results; bags gone, fine lines gone, smaller pores and almost no acne. The best thing…..No longer being asked if I am tired or sick.


Saying bye is always so hard! Gut wrenching when you have to watch your children have to do it.

My children have been lucky when it comes to saying bye to daddy. He hasn’t had too many long chunks of time away from us. But everytime he does leave its hard on the kids, especially our youngest since he’s “daddy’s boy”.

I have watched so many strong children say bye. It always amazes me how resilient they can be. Helping hold down the front while mom or dad is away, learning how to deal with feelings that no young child should have to feel at such a young age.

Don’t get me wrong moms you are all warriors in my mind and what you can accomplish in a day is amazing. Right down to how you support these children,your spouses and keeping yourself sane so the household doesn’t fall apart. And is it worth it??


I understand that it was my choice to come into a military relationship but these children didn’t get that same choice.

And seeing as April is the month of the Military Child. I just wanted to tip my hat to all those children out there that hug daddy’s framed photo at the side of their bed every night; who get to hear his voice maybe once a week and who patiently cross the days off the calendar till he gets home.

You are ALL so very strong!

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! So begins the new challenge of documenting my life with my family.  The Adventures we take together and the adventure we take on our own.

I will never win millions for my writing; but if I can entertain and provide a living log for my kids to someday read, why not give it a chance!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton