Just seeing the word makes my heart beat a little faster.

Throughout my life that four letter word has stopped me oh so many times from doing something. Then of course having the guilt and sadness that I missed out on something that could have been great.

I have struggled my entire life with being shy, not just wont talk to anyone shy. Shy to the point I wouldn’t go out, I kept close to family kinda shy.

It used to make my Dad so mad. He knew I was capable of doing something but that inner voice of mine just wouldn’t let me.

To think back and try to pinpoint what was stopping me is a unsolved mystery!

What I can say is with age the “fear/shyness” has reduced.

I still get the butterflies and clammy hands, but I know if I take the step I will get a chance to experience something new and possibly a great moment in my life.

Some of those moments are moving across the province for a job, going on my first date with my now husband, joins the Canadian Military Wives Choir(MWC) or trying out for a solo, singing with 100 other woman in front of the world at the Invictus Games 2017.

My latest two choices have felt bigger to me as I worry I will let people down. I thought and weighed the pros and cons, really considering if I could pull it off. Also doing lots of research before I even considered doing it.

One was to decide to step into the roll as President of the MWC a few months ago and secondly is starting my own business.

Truthfully, I did already run my own childcare business before I had my last baby. Yet, that didn’t seem as scared to me. Maybe because I was trained for it. I knew the ins and outs of a daycare. With the support of my husband and his encouragement I decided to give it a shot. The new business however scares the heck out of me. It is so far out of my comfort zone.

But I wanted something that I could do and continue to stay home with my children and something I truly believed in.

So for the last six months I have been using these wonderful life changing products. Created my own thoughts and opinions and finally joined a great group of people that will hopefully help me through this learn cliff!!! 😜

I have no idea if I will be any good at it and I don’t know if I have the right personality. But what I have learned in my short time on this earth; is I am tired of the Fear!!!

I want my children to see a confident woman doing what she loves so she can spent time with them and provide for them.

Sometimes FEAR pushes you into great things!

If you are interested in the hearing about great products that gave me my confidence back please feel free just comment below or check them out yourself.

Independent distributor,


Below are my results; bags gone, fine lines gone, smaller pores and almost no acne. The best thing…..No longer being asked if I am tired or sick.


Saying bye is always so hard! Gut wrenching when you have to watch your children have to do it.

My children have been lucky when it comes to saying bye to daddy. He hasn’t had too many long chunks of time away from us. But everytime he does leave its hard on the kids, especially our youngest since he’s “daddy’s boy”.

I have watched so many strong children say bye. It always amazes me how resilient they can be. Helping hold down the front while mom or dad is away, learning how to deal with feelings that no young child should have to feel at such a young age.

Don’t get me wrong moms you are all warriors in my mind and what you can accomplish in a day is amazing. Right down to how you support these children,your spouses and keeping yourself sane so the household doesn’t fall apart. And is it worth it??


I understand that it was my choice to come into a military relationship but these children didn’t get that same choice.

And seeing as April is the month of the Military Child. I just wanted to tip my hat to all those children out there that hug daddy’s framed photo at the side of their bed every night; who get to hear his voice maybe once a week and who patiently cross the days off the calendar till he gets home.

You are ALL so very strong!

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! So begins the new challenge of documenting my life with my family.  The Adventures we take together and the adventure we take on our own.

I will never win millions for my writing; but if I can entertain and provide a living log for my kids to someday read, why not give it a chance!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton