Keto journey

So over the past three weeks I have switched my diet up.

I will say the first few days really sucked as my go to snack is crackers and cheese.

I decided that I would try a new weight loss program since everything else I have tried just doesn’t seem to be working. Enter a big change.

So 10 minutes before every meal I take my drops and then enjoy my meal. But like I said the first few days it wasn’t all that enjoyable. With that being said it has opened up my pallet for sure. I am trying many new things I thought I would never eat since I am a picky eater.

So I thought I would post a few of the meals I have enjoyed the last few weeks. In doing so I have been able to loose some weight, some inches and my drops have help subside my sugar cravings and have stopped all my after dinner snacking!!! That in itself is a big win for me.

Along with the diet change and drinking my elite once a day I am sleeping better, less bloating, no 3pm crash and my mood is pretty stable(not so swingy).

So here are just a few meals I have tried!

if you have done the Keto diet what are some of your favourites? Any tips?

Top to bottom;

Spiralled sweet potato with meat sauce

Pure Nourish Protein Shake pancake with almond butter

Almond flour crackers

Zucchini chip taco salad

Stay tuned more to come! Leave a message if you have any questions!

Have a wonderful day.